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About Micro Engineering Inc.,

In recent years, rapid development in the electronics business has accelerated dynamic industrial development and has provided information-sharing in real time to all the people in the world. At the same time, it has made possible the realization of many dreams and the improvement in lifestyle has greatly changed peoplefs values.

Our company was founded in 1976, and in its history we have manufactured and sold equipments used in the production process of semiconductor and LCD business. And we always attach importance to global environment. We meet the needs of the times and changes and have a lot of experience in this business field.
We have also imported and sold products of excellent device makers in the U.S., France and Germany in order to meet market needs.

We will continue to create new technology focused on the future, attach importance to global environment and create new values, make good use global network to promote globalization and contribute to improve peoplefs lifestyles.

President & CEO Hajime Tomizawa

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